The Houses at 8899 Beverly represent the first and only collection of homes designed by Olson Kundig, an integrated design firm whose distinctive work can be found in more than 15 countries across five continents. Throughout eight architecturally singular houses, the Olson Kundig philosophy of design prevails: the lived experience must connect people with the environment, be attuned to natural materials and local culture, and benefit from the expertise and contributions of craftspeople and artists.



Natural Materials

Harmoniously linked yet individual, the Houses at 8899 Beverly offer entirely unique architectural expressions, combining natural materials such as wood, steel, glass, concrete, and stone. Each of the houses elevates one distinctive material element to create a one-of-a-kind home epitomizing Olson Kundig’s design approach.

Indoor Outdoor Fluidity

Effortless California charm exudes from every home, where the expansive living spaces are generously extended into the outdoors via grand sliding glass panel doors that reveal a private open-air sanctuary culminating in a serene plunge pool and spa.


Every home within the collection features meticulously created outdoor spaces by COEN + PARTNERS, a global landscape architecture and urban design practice. Utilizing elements that are unique, striking, and native to California, each residence enjoys trees, flowers, pavers, and fences that complement and elevate its distinctive character.


3 Bedrooms   |   3.5 Bathrooms   |   Plunge Pool & Spa

The experience of the Concrete House, named for its signature architectural elements, celebrates bold materiality juxtaposed with an expansive, open floor plan for flexible and creative living.

INTERIOR 2,962 SF | 275 SM
MAIN LEVEL 1,508 SF | 140 SM
UPPER LEVEL 1,454 SF | 134 SM
PLUNGE POOL & SPA 6’6” x 32’


4 Bedrooms   |   4.5 Bathrooms   |   Plunge Pool & Spa

With an understated elegance rare in a home of this size, Bronze House utilizes a rich palette of natural materials to achieve a warm sense of sophistication. An intuitive progression from the formal entry to the private rear garden is seamless and free-flowing, owing to a unique axial orientation.

HOUSE 3,448 SF | 320 SM
LOT 5,415 SF | 503 SM
ART WALLS 560 SF | 52 SM


3 Bedrooms   |   4.5 Bathrooms   |   Spa

Wood House prioritizes natural materials to create restorative spaces that balance bold and soft. The result is an extroverted character, moderated by an undercurrent of Japanese Zen garden influence.

HOUSE 2,932 SF | 272 SM
LOT 3,903 SF | 363 SM
ART WALLS 1,350 SF | 125 SM


4 Bedrooms   |   4.5 Bathrooms   |   Plunge Pool & Spa

One of the largest homes available among the Houses at 8899 Beverly, Stone House offers a stately and refined presence, deftly balancing the softness of light champagne steel and boldness of heavy limestone.

HOUSE 3,656 SF | 340 SM
LOT 5,405 SF | 502 SM
ART WALLS 1,080 SF | 100 SM


3 Bedrooms   |   4.5 Bathrooms   |   Spa

Offering a living experience light as air paired with striking materiality, Glass House stuns with a curving roof that caps a highly articulated central mass. The interior palette grounds the open living space in contrasting natural materials, including wood, stone, and bronze.

HOUSE 2,876 SF | 267 SM
LOT 3,904 SF | 363 SM
ART WALLS 1,617 SF | 150 SM


3 Bedrooms   |   3.5 Bathrooms   |   Spa

Brick House makes a study of delightful contrasts, beginning with a carefully modulated exterior, complemented by finely detailed masonry and steel treatments. Further juxtapositions between heavy materials — like clay-fired brick and stucco — and ornamental flare intrigue the senses and foster a feeling of seclusion and privacy.

HOUSE 2,564 SF | 238 SM
LOT 3,904 SF | 363 SM
ART WALLS 1,064 SF | 99 SM


3 Bedrooms   |   4.5 Bathrooms   |   Spa

Modern and understated, the Garden House at 8899 Beverly brims with serenity and seclusion. A painted metal trellis wraps around the exterior, connecting visually to the lush landscaping and inviting back garden, creating a vibrant environment inspired by nature.

HOUSE 3,067 SF | 285 SM
LOT 3,904 SF | 363 SM
ART WALLS 1,407 SF | 131 SM


3 Bedrooms   |   3.5 Bathrooms   |   Plunge Pool & Spa

With extensive glazing demurely concealed behind wood screens and thick stucco walls, Steel House embodies an aura of seclusion and protection that belies its warm, open interior experience.

HOUSE 2,973 SF | 276 SM
LOT 4,896 SF | 455 SM
ART WALLS 1,181 SF | 110 SM

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