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Margaux Gibson
About Margaux Gibson

Margaux Gibson is a true California native with an intriguing background. The great great great granddaughter of Elias Jackson “Lucky” Baldwin, one of California’s most colorful and successful businessmen, Margaux has immersed herself in learning all she can about her legendary family and their businesses and real estate transactions in the state. “Lucky” was very astute and he foresaw the tremendous potential of California with its beauty and mild climate to attract Americans from across the nation. He amassed the largest real estate holdings in the state of California and built a fortune selling property for homes and commerce. Margaux inherited her ancestor’s drive and her work ethic assures she always completes the task at hand, whatever it may be. Margaux does not stop until success is achieved.

Margaux is a designer and sales agent by nature. From age 16 Margaux started working in fashion, costume, theatre, film & television. Sofia Coppola hired Margaux at 17 to work for her clothing line, Milkfed and that venture led Margaux to become a fashion stylist and designer under the label, MARGAUX. Fashion, sales and the arts all play a part in the song & dance of Margaux’s life. With an artist’s eye for detail, design and beauty. Margaux knows how to create what your imagination dreams of. Margaux’s love of design, history and art led her to purchase an iconic Wallace Neff designed Los Angeles County Historic Landmark, “Singer Mansion”. Designing the interior and exterior of the estate has been a passion for her. Margaux’s works have been featured in the Hollywood Reporter, fashion magazines, film & television, music videos, on Hollywood celebrities, and musicians.

Margaux has been active in the local and surrounding community, working with charities and organizations that raise funds to support projects close to her heart. Serving the community through volunteerism and philanthropy has been a rewarding service. Margaux has been instrumental in fundraising, project management and leadership with the following organizations, to name a few.

  • Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden
  • Le Meridien Hotel, Arcadia
  • City of Arcadia
  • Arcadia Historical Society
  • City of Glendora
  • Glendora Historical Society
  • Foothill Unity Center
  • Glendora Education Foundation

From fashion, interior designs, to real estate. Margaux loves embarking on new adventures, and is always up for a challenge.

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